darrylBorn and raised in Memphis, Tennessee to Clara Alexander and Tom Graffaree Jr. Like any young teenager, growing up in the urban community of your city you dream of one day moving out and making it better for you and your family. When you are young it’s hard to lock down one great goal you have in mind, so you juggle and tossed around several ideas of what you want to do or decide to become. It was something I realized as a young man around 15 that one day I could be a successful businessman/ Entrepreneur. After leaving Memphis in 1982, I set out on that journey of joining the finest fighting force in the world, the United States Marines. I knew by joining the Marines it would challenge me to become the best at whatever I decided. After 20 years in the Marine Corps I decided to go after that dream, after all, I had only myself to prove that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to.

Darryl Alexander, Owner